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A semi weekly wrap-up (December 4-10)

What a day yesterday! I went hiking with friends and we misread a map and ended up coming out of the trails miles and miles from the car. I must say thanks to my friend Tracy who was also hiking but didn’t get lost and came to drive Martha and me back to my car. We might still be walking right now if she hadn’t.

The upside of that is I didn’t get home until 2:30. By the time I showered and made and ate “lunch,” it was after 4. So I really didn’t get hungry the rest of the day and I ended up only using 20 daily points. That left 10 AP and all 35 weeklies.

I also weighed in yesterday and despite a week of sugary goodness and a day of not tracking, I lost 1.5 pounds. I’m officially in the 130s, but I’d like to blow through them and visit the 120s as soon as possible.

Clothes that were too tight a week or two ago now fit or are even slightly too big. I’m feeling pretty good!


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Weekly Wrap-Up (November 20-26)

Well, it was Thanksgiving week, so I stopped tracking after Wednesday, especially since I was out of town from Thursday morning until Saturday afternoon. I worked out a lot, earning 50 AP. Obviously, I’ve had higher AP weeks, but considering that it was a holiday week, I think that’s pretty good.

I was careful about my eating every day except Thursday and Friday, and I think I did OK even on those days. I lost 2 pounds for the week, so no complaints. I’m officially at a “healthy” weight for my height based on the body mass index scale.

On Wednesday, we went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part I) and I wore a pair of denim (non-stretch) capris that I could barely button the week before. I’m definitely making progress!

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Weekly Wrap-up (November 13-19)

Well, I earned more APs than ever before this week, but for some reason, I was extremely munchy. It didn’t help that I had egg nog and cinnamon bread in the house and it all tasted way too good. I won’t make that mistake again!

I exceeded my total points for the week by 4, but I still lost half a pound (I didn’t lose the full pound that I gained last week, but I guess I’m OK with that).

My total calories burned were 6,860. I’m exhausted!

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Weekly Wrap-Up (November 6-12)

Well, I took last week off because my mother was in town and I wanted to just enjoy eating and I knew I would have limited time for excercise. I gained 1 pound. However, I lost half an inch in my waist and an inch in my hips, so I think there may be some water retention going on. I ate three bowls of tomato soup last night with 750 mg of sodium in each bowl.

I was expecting a possible gain, so I’m not upset about it. I am thrilled with the lost inches, though.

Today I’m back on track with eating right and tracking and working out. Next week is Thanksgiving and I’ll be out of town for several days, so I don’t know how I’ll do with that, but I’ll do my best.

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Week in Review October 16-22

I’m at my wits’ end. I switched from counting calories back to Weight Watchers because after five weeks on calories, I was pretty much back where I started and was sick of gaining and losing and gaining and losing. I never had that problem on Weight Watchers.

I lost 5 pounds in two weeks. I was chugging along. I was doing as good as ever. I am on day 22 of my 30-day challenge and kicking butt doing everything I’m supposed to do.

The first two weeks, I ate almost every AP point I earned. This week. I left 17 on the table. It wasn’t necessarily on purpose, it was just how the week went. Other than that, I pretty much did everything the same.

I’m eating the right foods — the foods that are healthy, whole and supposed to burn fat and help with weight loss. I do yoga. I tone with hand weights. I do more cardio than I even want to think about.

I burned 5,360 calories last week. I left almost 2,000 of those calories uneaten, not to mention that is on top of the built-in calorie deficit I already have from counting points. I averaged a net of 924 calories A DAY.

I gained 1 pound. I have not lost even half an inch. And that first week’s loss of 4 pounds came after a weigh-in before which I spent two days pigging out on junk with a lot of sodium, so while I have still lost 4 pounds in three weeks, I think at least 2 pounds of that first week were from water weight loss. That doesn’t count.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what else to try. Counting points is turning out to have the same effect on my body as counting calories did.

I’m frustrated. I cried this morning.

I’m going to finish these 30 days and see what happens, but I made the same committment to the calorie counting thing and it didn’t work then, so I have my doubts now.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming. I’m probably going out of town for Thanksgiving, which means my exercise and eating schedules will be messed up for the better part of a week. That’s just enough time to regain anything I may be able to lose by then.

This royally sucks.

Gotta go. I need to work out some more, despite its lack of benefit.

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Weekly Wrap-Up (October 9-15)

This was a tough week at the end. Chris ordered pizza Thursday night and I was only going to have one slice, but ended up having three. I had been looking forward to my cheese and veggie sub on Friday, so I had to earn some extra APs to get it, but in the end, I had 3 APs to spare and I completed every day and survived without having to start over!

I burned 5,215 calories and counted 51 AP for the week. I lost 1 pound (144).

I still haven’t decided what my “prize” will be come October 31.

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Weekly Wrap-Up (October 2-8)

I earned 47 activity points (total of 4,803 calories) and had 6 activity points left at the end of the week.

I lost 4 pounds (145).

I met all my goals every day for seven days. Week one down and 23 days to go!

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Weekly Wrap-Up (September 25-October 1)

I didn’t exercise nearly enough and ate way too much. I gained 5 pounds. I expected to gain and at best stay the same, but I still don’t think I ate enough to gain 5 pounds any more than I ate enough to gain 2 a couple weeks ago. I’ve decided to scrap counting calories and start back on Weight Watchers. It seems to work better for me.

Total calories allowed: 8,400
Total exercise calories: 2,001
Total net allowed: 10,401
Total calories consumed: 15,033
Total difference: +4,632
Average calories per day: 2,148

Weight change: +5 (149)

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Weekly Wrap-Up (September 18-24)

Total calories allowed (no exercise): 8,400
Total calories earned: 3,650
Total calories allowed (with exercise): 12,050
Total calories consumed: 11,432
Calorie deficit: 618
Average calories consumer per day: 1,633
Average minus exercise calories: 1,112

Weight change: Minus 2 (144)

Even with a sprained ankle that kept me from exercising for two days, I beat my 3,500 calories goal for the first time since I restarted. Woo hoo! The disappointment is that apparently, my 2-pound gain last week was real, since my loss brought me right back to where I started and no less. I really thought it was water retention and I’d be under 144 this week. I’m not complaining about losing 2 pounds. I am, however, complaining about having gained it in a week that I ate under my 1,200 calorie a day goal. If I earned that gain, I would own it. But I didn’t deserve it and that makes me kind of angry and very frustrated and concerned about what’s happening with my body.

I’m already having a rough eating week, so I’m worried about my next weigh-in.

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Weekly Wrap-Up (September 11-17)

Total calories allowed: 8,400
Exercise calories earned: 2,956

Total net calories allowed: 11,356

Calories eaten: 11,191

Difference: Under 165

Weight change: Plus 2 (146)

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