The Girl Who Could (Formerly) Eat Anything

Getting fit and taking names

Thursday, November 29

I had every intention of working out yesterday, but I apparently started my period. The ablation has prevented bleeding (yay!) but I still had all the other symptoms, including that lovely feeling as though your uterus is going to fall out. I forgot what that felt like after all these years. I also stepped on the scale this morning and my slight gain is disappearing, so that was probably water retention.

WP: (0 remain)
AP: (4 total) (0 remain)

Meal 1: Caramel Greek yogurt, hot chocolate (4) (260)
Meal 2: Salad, chocolate, peanut butter (13) (585)
Meal 3: Veggie burger with cheese, banana (8) (460)

Total: (25) (1,305)
APs: None

Water — yes
Lean protein — yes
Whole grains — yes
Oils — yes
Dairy — yes
Exercise — no
Fruits and vegetables – yes


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