The Girl Who Could (Formerly) Eat Anything

Getting fit and taking names

November 26, 2012

A little update since it’s been a while. Don’t let the weight tracker to the right fool you. I was actually down to 152 pounds without much effort, but then the lack of effort caught up and there was Thanksgiving and all of that, so I gained a bit back. But the good news is that I was losing and NOT gaining anymore, so I think if I get serious about this weight loss thing, I might actually finally have some success. I just need to avoid a repeat of yesterday.

I almost was going to wait a week to start posting here again. I had a perfect day yesterday until I went to a friend’s house and ate truffles and cheesecake and I was debating whether I should track it or just move on. But I decided to track it and see if I can manage to salvage the week. I don’t know yet if I can, but I’m going to make an effort.

I updated my other blog this morning about some life goals, including my fitness goals. But I wanted to reiterate the fitness goals here. Besides the obvious of eating less (I already eat mostly healthy, just too much sometimes), I am striving to get in a half hour of yoga daily plus an hour of more strenuous exercise, including three days a week lifting weights. I probably will only get two weight days this week, but next week I will do better.

So on that note, my very ugly food journal from yesterday awaits:

WP: (4 remain)
AP: (4 total) (4 remain)

Meal 1: Key lime Greek yogurt, hot chocolate (6) (310)
Meal 2: Salad, chocolate, peanut butter (13) (585)
Meal 3: Veggie burger with cheese, banana (8) (460)
Meal 4: Strawberry cheesecake, chocolate caramel truffles (25) (954)

Total: (52) (2,309)
APs: 1 hour run/walk (4) (460)

Water — yes
Lean protein — yes
Whole grains — yes
Oils — yes
Dairy — yes
Exercise — yes
Fruits and vegetables — yes


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