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Weeks and weeks of intense workouts and watching what I eat and my waist and hips are the same size and the scale is playing yo-yo — up and down and up and down, but more up than down.

But last week? I worked out Sunday and Monday and just a little bit (30 minutes of yoga) on Tuesday. That was it.

I lost 3 pounds. Yes, THREE POUNDS!!!!

What the heck!

I guess I’ve been overexercising. This isn’t the first time this has happened. The week I decided to read the Harry Potter series, I got so sucked into the books that I barely did anything else. I probably worked out about a similar amount and lost I think it was 2 pounds that week.

I like to exercise, but I also hate that it takes up so much time. Nine hours at the office, then an hour or so of working out after work, plus a shower and then I’m kind of beat the rest of the evening. So, I guess it’s OK that cutting back with help my losses, which will free up more time for other endeavors.

I still can’t figure out how that works, but whatever.

Also last week, I took a good look at my arms, something I haven’t done in a while. And they’re significantly smaller and less flabby (more toned!). I’m not seeing results in the expected places, but they’re happening nonetheless. I guess I feel better now.


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September 18

WPs: 35 (used 5) (30 remain)
APs: 6 (used 0) (6 remain)

Breakfast: Orange juice, oat bran cereal (6)
Lunch: Apple with cheese, almonds (7)
Dinner: Curry-tomato stew with goat cheese (5)
Dessert: Smoothie with canola oil (7)
Total points used: 25

Exercise: Walk/jog (6)

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