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Well, the rapture came and went and I’m still here. Or did it? I think it got canceled. I probably wouldn’t have noticed if it happened.

So, my absence from this blog (and dieting) has not been due to being lifted up, nude, into heaven. Though, just in case I might be a candidate in the future, I should probably get going on this dieting thing so the naked part isn’t quite as embarrassing.

The good news is, despite not tracking for the last week because of traveling to a funeral and being stuck in airports for very long periods of time and not exercising (see above), I didn’t gain any weight. I didn’t lose any, but I didn’t gain.

I’m using this week to get back into a rhythm and then I’ll be back to tracking and counting points and all that good stuff. So far, so good.

I ran another 5K on Saturday. This time, I didn’t walk at all (though I was slower running the whole way than I was in the first one, where I walked some). I spent the two days before the race in airports eating a lot of junk. Maybe there’s something to that carb-loading thing. Even the bad carbs. Like cheesecake and Cinnabons.

Yes, I had a Cinnabon. It was the first I’ve had in several years. I can’t remember the last time. I used to walk past the Cinnabon in the mall and smell them baking and my mouth would water and I’d spend those several seconds telling myself why I would regret eating one and finally get past it and still want to go back. Oh, the willpower!

Coming up on the finish. The clock read 34:45 when I crossed, but the "official" time is 34:47.

But stuck in airports for two days, I had an “I don’t care” kind of attitude and decided to just eat the things I’ve been avoiding for a while and enjoy them and worry about it when I got home. So I had one.

I’m glad I did. I’m glad because it wasn’t very good. I remember those big buns of cinnamon and sugar and icing and refined flour and loads of butter being one of the best things I ever had in my mouth in my whole life. I remember when they first opened in the Walden Galleria in Cheektowaga. I didn’t live in Buffalo then, so it was a serious treat to go there every time we visited and get a Cinnabon. I thought about them daily.

So, I don’t know if they were never very good, if my tastes changed or if Cinnabon is making its Cinnabons differently, but whatever the case, it wasn’t worth the calories or even the time it took to eat it.

So, now I’ll be able to walk through the mall food court and only be tempted by The Great American Cookie Company and Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Thankfully, the mall I generally go to only has Sbarro’s for pizza. That is not good pizza, and no one will ever convince me it is.

The other good news is that wherever the race photographer was standing on Saturday was a better angle than usual and my legs look normal in the photos, rather than like I have elephant-sized thighs on top of spindly calves.

I still don’t like my arms. Working on it, though. I’m kind of concerned. On my run/walk  yesterday, I stopped to do push-ups and dips along the way and my arms aren’t even a little bit sore today. I guess I should actually use that gym membership one of these days …


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