The Girl Who Could (Formerly) Eat Anything

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Holiday Weeks

My three readers may have noticed my absence over the past week. Apologies for that.

I did complete last week, though I neglected posting Friday’s menu. I simply got too busy. My aunt visited Wednesday and Thursday and then my best friend (who’s more like family) came on Sunday and left Tuesday.

I caved and pulled out my new scale and have been watching my weight (though not this week) and the two weeks I was following Weight Watchers, I was losing pretty well. It was motivating to see, even though I’m not keeping official track. The trick of emptying my house of certain foods worked, as well. I didn’t feel hungry like I often do when I know certain things are in the house. I guess just the idea of the food makes me want to eat, but when it’s not available, I don’t want it.

I have been keeping up with the exercise. I took Tuesday off this week, but have worked out every other day without fail, so as of this evening when I go running with a friend, I will have exercised six out of seven days. Because M was in town, my food intake was just too complicated to bother tracking, so I’m sure I ate more than I should have.

Easter dinner was whole wheat pasta with homemade sauce, garlic bread (not too much for me!), asparagus with hollandaise sauce, strawberry-rhubarb pie on whole wheat crust and crescia (an Italian cheese bread). I did well that day and even tracked, but M and I went to see a play and when we got back, I dug into the pie and crescia and I knew it was all over from there. Oops!

We had lunch/dinner out on Monday and lunch on Tuesday. Then it was Administrative Professionals’ Day on Wednesday and there were bagels and doughnuts at work. And last night, I broke and ate two bowls of ice cream.

The good news is, I start over tomorrow! Back on track and no major food holidays in my near future.


April 29, 2011 - Posted by | Nothing More Than Feelings, Progress

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