The Girl Who Could (Formerly) Eat Anything

Getting fit and taking names

January 29

Well, I was bad on Friday and didn’t track as I should have. I did a great workout and then met friends out for dinner and drinks and probably overdid the calories (two strawberry margaritas and grilled avocado enchiladas at On the Border). I was up 2 pounds on Saturday, but I think that was probably some water retention. I’m sure the food was full of sodium, as most restaurant food is. It wasn’t even very good.

Saturday started out really good, but I didn’t have time for a real workout and Chris came home and wanted pizza for dinner. Of course, he “forced” me to have some. I ate an entire small pizza with onions. I won’t lie. it was yummy. I wasn’t going to track the day. I was just going to ignore it and then count calories the rest of the week and pick WW up again on Saturday. But this morning, I sucked it up and tracked. It’s not great, but I think I can make up for it with some control and good workouts the rest of the week.

Hopefully, that will translate to a huge, non-salt-related loss this next week.

Without further ado:

WPs:  35 (used 18) (17 remain)
APs: 1 (used 0) (1 remain)

Lunch: Almonds, dark chocolate, peanut butter (Protein) (8)
Dinner: Ghengis Grill tofu bowl with veggies and brown rice (Whole grain, six veggies, protein) (6)
Snack: Pizza (Dairy) (24)
Total points: 38
Exercise: Walked slowly around Tallahassee Museum (163 calories) (1)


Water: 8/6
Multivitamin: B6 and B12Fruits and veggies: 9/5
Oils: 0/2
Exercise: 90/30 and 163/200
Whole grains: Yes
Protein: Yes
Dairy: 2/2


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