The Girl Who Could (Formerly) Eat Anything

Getting fit and taking names

November 19

WPs:  35 (used 0) (0 remain)
APs:  67 (used 24) (-4 remain)

Breakfast: Kashi and yogurt (Whole grain, 1 dairy) (5)
Lunch: Almonds and dark chocolate, tomato soup with cheese and flax oil (Protein, 1 dairy, 1 veggie, 1 oil) (12)
Dinner: Veggie sub with cheese (Whole grain, 5 veggies, 2 dairy) (15)
Snack: Low fat egg nog (2 dairies) (12)
Total points: 44
Exercise: Walk/jog 104 minutes (830 calories) (8)


Water: 10/6
Multivitamin: No (I need to find vegan vitamins before I can meet this GHG again)
Fruits and veggies: 6/5
Oils: 1/2
Exercise: 104/30 and 830/200
Whole grains: Yes
Protein: Yes
Dairy: 6/2


November 22, 2010 - Posted by | Menus

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