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October 26 — Challenge Day 25

I have to play the sick card again. This time I got everything but the exercise. I planned to do something light just so I wouldn’t have to miss the day, but as the evening wore on, my stomach just didn’t feel right. I wasn’t sick like I was Monday night, but I was concerned that if I did even light exercise, I would repeat my evening of leaning over the toilet. So I decided to rest.

I’m not counting this against myself because I was honestly ill, which rarely happens to me. But I’m disappointed. I feel a  million times better this morning and have no doubt that the last five days of this challenge will go as well as the first 23 days, but it’s still disheartening that my body failed me for two days and I won’t be able to really say I did this for 30 days, every day.

I guess close is as good here as it is in horseshoes, though. Considering that Thanksgiving is next month and then Christmas, I have no doubt that the next opportunity I’ll have to do a 30-day challenge like this would be in January and I don’t want to wait that long. So, assuming I finish off days 26-30, I’ll call it a success.

Tomorrow night I have a pumpkin carving party to go to, so hopefully the snacks won’t throw me off my game.

WPs:  35 (used 7) (4 remain)
APs:  31 (used 0) (31 remain)

Breakfast: Kashi GoLean with yogurt (1 dairy, whole grain) (5)
Lunch: Almonds and dark chocolate (Protein) (6)
Dinner: Goat cheese and tomato pita pizza with flax oil (Whole grain, 3 veggies, 1 oil) (5)
Dessert: Smoothie with flax oil (5 fruits, 1 oil, protein) (6)
Snack: Peanut butter, Ovaltine and soy milk (1 dairy, protein) (5)
Total points: 27
Exercise: None


Water: 11/6
Multivitamin: Yes
Fruits and veggies: 8/5
Oils: 2/2
Exercise: 0/30 and 0/200
Whole grains: Yes
Protein: Yes
Dairy: 2/2


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