The Girl Who Could (Formerly) Eat Anything

Getting fit and taking names

September 20

Breakfast: Kashi and yogurt (290)
Lunch: Almonds and dark chocolate (290)
Dinner: Vegetarian chili and apple with cheese (508)
Snacks: Smoothie and Ovaltine (450) 

Total calories: 1,538 

Exercise: Hike, 59 minutes (370) 

Net calories: 1,168 

This is how my ankle rolled. And down I went into the dirt!


So, my streak of barely feeling hungry is over. All I wanted to do last night was eat, but I managed to overcome it for the most part and didn’t do too badly. The hike helped with the hunger. Unfortunately, during that same hike, I twisted my ankle. I shook it off and continued on and felt no pain whatsoever aside from the initial twisting. Then we went to the grocery store. Resting my ankle for that short amount of time apparently woke it up and it was a little sore walking through the store. It progressively got worse through the evening and while it felt a little better this morning, I’m pretty sure it’s a mild sprain. 


So, this week I’m wanting to eat everything in sight and I don’t know how much exercise I can do with a mild sprain. Swimming and walking are definitely out. I’m hoping I can do the elliptical or possibly rollerblade with an Ace bandage. But I’m not optimistic. This will certainly be a challenge … 

On the bright side, my scale this morning said 145 and my waist seems to have shrunk back down that inch I gained. I guess it was just water retention. I hope, anyway.


September 21, 2010 - Posted by | Menus, Nothing More Than Feelings, Progress

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  1. Don’t push the ankle, rest it. Use some Arnica gel on it.

    Comment by thebrokengirl | September 21, 2010 | Reply

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