The Girl Who Could (Formerly) Eat Anything

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September 2, Menu and Some Thoughts

Breakfast: Kashi and goat milk yogurt (290)
Lunch: Almonds and dark chocolate (290)
Dinner: Boca burger with 2% cheddar on a Sandwich Thin (360)
Snack: Smoothie and one slice of cinnamon toast (440)

Exercise: Rollerblading, 71 minutes (806)

Total calories eaten: 1,380

Net calories: 574

The scale this morning said 145. It’s not unusual for me to see a 2-3 pound drop from Friday to Saturday, so I’m crossing my fingers! No salty foods for me today. 🙂 Oh, and I wanted to add that I had a few tiny potato chip crumbs last night with a little bit of French onion dip. I didn’t count the calories because it was so little and I have such a huge deficit for the week, I didn’t think it was worth trying to figure it out. But I need to make sure I’m completely honest here or there’s no point in writing the blog.


September 3, 2010 - Posted by | Menus, Progress

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